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Having a grape time

grapes, girl, and chickenSometimes you sit and watch a moment unfold before you. Sometimes you think you’re documenting an aspect of that moment and find that you’ve captured something altogether unexpected. So it was while sitting on a friend’s back patio this fall, separating grapes from raisins, feeding grapes to chickens, and chatting the afternoon way.

Her daughter, my pal and a favorite photo muse, was doing the “toss the grapes into the air and catch ’em in her mouth game,” when one of the chickens leapt from the ground and into the frame. I think she wanted to be the center of attention.

A glorious morning

calendula steeping in hot water

…but these ain’t morning glories. Dried calendula blossoms come to life when mixed with hot water. Soothing for the soul and on the eyes.


dragonflyI sit here on a warm sunny September afternoon in San Francisco thinking back to the cool wet September morning I experienced in the Adirondacks over Labor Day weekend.

On the drive from Schroon Lake, NY, to Montreal, we pulled off the interstate to fill up and empty out (shall we say) at a local gas station. I had a few moments to stand in the gentle rain and breathe in one last gasp of late summer mountain air, when I literally gasped at the sight of this winged jewel on the ground at my feet. No fluttering or sign of life was left in this svelte body except a magical mesmerizing glow.

The dragonfly was a dragonflew.

Memorial moment

raising a flag for memorial dayZelda installed her new flag today. In a fortuitous yet unintentional way, this is my ode to Robert Frank and his iconic photo from a parade in Hoboken, NJ.

I (he)artichoke

artichoke growing in a garden

This morning, one of the focaccia selections at Arizmendi Bakery was smothered with artichoke hearts and topped with a smattering of red onion and red pepper. This savory delight felt like an outsider to the muffin, brioche, and scones already in my bag, but temptation got the best of me.

I shared that mighty piece of focaccia with my sweetie, and ever since, artichokes have been on my mind. Remembering how majestic and beautiful they can look growing in a friend’s garden…